When is the Appropriate Time to Hire a Car Accident  Solicitor in Brisbane?

When is the Appropriate Time to Hire a Car Accident  Solicitor in Brisbane?

Unfortunately, most people do not know that not all car accident cases require them to hire an accident solicitor in  Brisbane. For instance, if you’re involved in a  minor car accident, and nobody involved in the accident sustained injuries,  you don’t need to hire a car accident lawyer. However, suppose you are involved in a severe car accident. In that case, I happen to sustain severe injuries, and you are dealing with costly medical expenses, or you may need to stop working and hire a car accident solicitor.

An experienced accident solicitor will file a claim with the negligent driver’s insurance company, negotiate with the driver’s insurance company and ensure that you get the compensation you deserve. However, you must know when it is appropriate to hire a car accident solicitor so that you can do it in time without any delays. If you’re wondering when it’s the right time to hire a car accident solicitor, consider reading this article to the end.

Instances When it is Appropriate to Hire a Car Accident Solicitor in Brisbane

In case you ever find yourself  in any of the following situations after a car accident in Brisbane,  then it is the appropriate time for you to hire a car accident solicitor;

  • You have sustained serious injuries, and your car has been seriously damaged

As mentioned earlier, if you are involved in a minor car accident,  you are not required to hire a car accident solicitor in Brisbane. However, if you are involved in a serious car accident that resulted in serious injuries and damage to your car, you will need to find a car accident solicitor. Finding the best car accident solicitor in such a situation is the best decision since the solicitor will protect your rights and help you recover from the medical expenses you incur and the damages to your car.

  • The accident occurred due to somebody else’s negligence

Another situation where hiring a car accident solicitor is appropriate is if you are involved in an accident due to someone else’s actions. Even if the accident you are involved in involves multiple vehicles and it is obvious that another driver’s negligence contributed to the accident,  you will need to hire a car accident lawyer to prove this fact.

  •  The other party’s insurance offers  a small amount of compensation

Unfortunately, the other driver’s insurance company does not have your interests at heart, and their form when giving you compensation,  they will not give you the compensation you deserve. For this reason, before you agree to a settlement with an insurance company, you must always speak with a car accident solicitor.   Your car accident solicitor will analyse the extent of your car damages, medical expenses, and any losses incurred due to an accident before allowing you to agree to a settlement. Therefore they will ensure you get the compensation you deserve and like when negotiating with the insurance company alone.

  • You incur serious and permanent injuries

Accidents are usually fatal and could lead to serious or permanent injuries such as spinal cord injuries or broken bones. In such a situation, you need a car accident solicitor to prove that you have suffered from a serious or permanent injury due to the accident. If you are seriously injured or get permanent injuries, you will spend so much on your medical bills, and you may not get to work and earn a living. In such a situation, your car accident lawyer will ensure you get compensated as you deserve while focusing on getting well.

Attwood Marshall has car accident solicitors in Brisbane. Do not hesitate to hire one from their firm when appropriate. You can trust them to help make decisions regarding how to handle your case. This way, you will be sure that all the matters at hand will be dealt with as you focus on your recovery.

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