Intercepted lawyers, Mascherin received at the Quirinale

Intercepted lawyers, Mascherin received at the Quirinale

Immediately after the publication of news on a telephone call between Tiziano Renzi and his lawyer, the president of the National Forensic Council Andrea Mascherin had asked to be able to represent the seriousness of the episode at the Presidency of the Republic. Last Wednesday there was the meeting requested by the top of the institutional bar: Mascherin was received at the Quirinale by the advisor to President Mattarella for Justice Administration Affairs, Stefano Erbani .

The president of the CNF recalled “the absolute and unprecedented gravity of what happened with the publication of the interception of an interview between a defendant and his lawyer”. The story “arouses the concern of the entire Italian legal profession, not only of the criminal lawyer”, said Mascherin to the director Erbani, “but it is much more worrying that, due to the seriousness of the event, there was no complaint from the organs press, with the sole exception of the doubt . Yet these are violations that put a strain on the constitution ».

The president of the CNF therefore explicitly asked for an “interest of the Head of State” in a “circumstance that is certainly indicative of a cultural crisis in our country. The recorded silence, with very few exceptions, also on the part of the politics shows that we are not able to grasp, in such episodes, phenomena of absolute criticality for the maintenance of our fundamental Charter, which identifies in the right to defense one of the cornerstones of the democratic system “. With Councilor Erbani, who listened carefully to the reasons given, Mascherin observed that “the right to defense also constitutes a form of balance between the different powers of the State, an inalienable protection, for the citizen, with respect to all the different possible powers. “Sergio Mattarella “aimed at raising awareness of all the forces that bear a social responsibility”.

At the end of the meeting at the Quirinale, the summit of the institutional representation of the legal profession declared: “The freedom of the press and information remains sacred and inviolable, but this freedom cannot entail the license to violate equally sacred and inviolable principles as the rights of defense, essential for a fair trial, and respect for the Constitution. I hope, “he added,” that everyone, both the world of information and that of the politics involved in the reform of the criminal trial, realize that, if justice is subordinated to market interests, we are all defeated and pay the price will in the long run be all the freedoms enshrined in the Constitution »

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