Regardless of how optimistic you are, all it takes is one hit to bring a person back to its reality and understand the fact that life is not roses and fun as it seems to be. There are laws prepared to help the people coexist and often these laws are breached. At such times, their victims, sufferers, guilty people and few others involved in the process. Peter Slipper MP, an Australian law firm, not only understand such situation and the needs of all the participants involved but also understand that humans are bound to make mistakes often. Therefore, we provide our services and expertise in vast law fields to help all sorts of clients and solve all the issues that our clients may face.


We offer expert lawyers and law specialists to help people with legal matters and other advising. There are instances, when a person just needs guidance so, in such situations, we offer you with best consultants to help you through any situation.

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Our lawyers are popular and one of the most scrutinized lawyers, as we believe in providing the best for our customers. Therefore, all of the lawyer present are extremely learned and practiced.

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Vast variety of law specialists:

We understand that the people can face problems in a variety of fields. Therefore, we make sure to offer all possible law field specialist to help our clients in maximum way. Not only, we ensure our lawyers to have knowledge but also make sure that they continue to update their learning by practice and keeping up with the updates.

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Deciphering Gold Coast Accounting: A Unique Financial Landscape

The shimmering Gold Coast of Australia has long been known for its sun-kissed beaches, vibrant nightlife, and stunning natural beauty. But beneath the surface of this paradise lies a lesser-known treasure – Gold Coast accounting. What makes Gold Coast accounting unique? How does it differ from its counterparts in other regions? In this article, we embark on a journey to explore the intricacies of Gold Coast accounting and unveil the secrets that make it stand out in the world of finance.

The Gold Coast Connection

To truly understand the essence of Gold Coast accounting, we must first delve into its roots and connections with the local community. Gold Coast, often referred to as the ‘Goldie,’ is a region that thrives on its tight-knit community spirit. This connection extends to the world of finance and accounting, where accountants aren’t just number crunchers; they’re trusted advisors.

On the Gold Coast, accountants take the time to build personal relationships with their clients. They’re not just interested in balancing the books; they want to see their clients succeed. This level of commitment and care sets Gold Coast accounting apart from the impersonal, transactional nature of some other financial hubs.

In Gold Coast accounting firms, clients are treated as partners in a shared journey towards financial success. Accountants here take the time to understand their clients’ unique circumstances, whether they are small business owners, entrepreneurs, or individuals seeking financial advice. They craft tailored strategies that go beyond the balance sheet, addressing the specific needs and aspirations of each client.

Moreover, Gold Coast accountants often have a deep understanding of the region’s industries. From tourism to real estate and beyond, they are well-versed in the economic drivers that shape the Gold Coast. This local knowledge proves invaluable in providing insightful financial guidance that goes beyond the numbers.

The Tech-Savvy Innovators

While Gold Coast accounting has strong ties to tradition and community, it also embraces innovation with open arms. In today’s rapidly evolving digital landscape, Gold Coast accountants are at the forefront of adopting cutting-edge technology to enhance their services.

One notable aspect of Gold Coast accounting is its commitment to streamlining processes through automation and digitalization. Accountants here leverage state-of-the-art accounting software and cloud-based platforms to provide clients with real-time financial insights. This not only saves time but also empowers clients to make informed decisions on the fly.

Furthermore, Gold Coast accounting firms have a reputation for their forward-thinking approach to financial planning. They understand that the old-school one-size-fits-all approach no longer suffices in the modern world. Instead, they offer clients innovative solutions tailored to their specific financial goals.

From cryptocurrency investments to sustainable finance strategies, Gold Coast accountants are well-versed in the latest financial trends. They help clients navigate the complexities of the digital economy and capitalise on emerging opportunities.

In the heart of the Gold Coast, accounting isn’t just about numbers; it’s about forging genuine connections and embracing the future. The unique blend of community spirit and technological innovation sets Gold Coast accounting apart from the rest. Accountants here are not just financial experts; they are trusted partners on the road to financial success.

So, the next time you find yourself on the golden shores of the Gold Coast, take a moment to appreciate the hidden gem that is Gold Coast accounting. It’s a world where numbers come to life, and financial dreams are nurtured with care and expertise. Whether you’re a local business owner or a visitor seeking financial advice, you’ll find that Gold Coast “people first, numbers second” accounting firm offers a warm, personal touch that makes all the difference.

When is the Appropriate Time to Hire a Car Accident  Solicitor in Brisbane?

Unfortunately, most people do not know that not all car accident cases require them to hire an accident solicitor in  Brisbane. For instance, if you’re involved in a  minor car accident, and nobody involved in the accident sustained injuries,  you don’t need to hire a car accident lawyer. However, suppose you are involved in a severe car accident. In that case, I happen to sustain severe injuries, and you are dealing with costly medical expenses, or you may need to stop working and hire a car accident solicitor.

An experienced accident solicitor will file a claim with the negligent driver’s insurance company, negotiate with the driver’s insurance company and ensure that you get the compensation you deserve. However, you must know when it is appropriate to hire a car accident solicitor so that you can do it in time without any delays. If you’re wondering when it’s the right time to hire a car accident solicitor, consider reading this article to the end.

Instances When it is Appropriate to Hire a Car Accident Solicitor in Brisbane

In case you ever find yourself  in any of the following situations after a car accident in Brisbane,  then it is the appropriate time for you to hire a car accident solicitor;

  • You have sustained serious injuries, and your car has been seriously damaged

As mentioned earlier, if you are involved in a minor car accident,  you are not required to hire a car accident solicitor in Brisbane. However, if you are involved in a serious car accident that resulted in serious injuries and damage to your car, you will need to find a car accident solicitor. Finding the best car accident solicitor in such a situation is the best decision since the solicitor will protect your rights and help you recover from the medical expenses you incur and the damages to your car.

  • The accident occurred due to somebody else’s negligence

Another situation where hiring a car accident solicitor is appropriate is if you are involved in an accident due to someone else’s actions. Even if the accident you are involved in involves multiple vehicles and it is obvious that another driver’s negligence contributed to the accident,  you will need to hire a car accident lawyer to prove this fact.

  •  The other party’s insurance offers  a small amount of compensation

Unfortunately, the other driver’s insurance company does not have your interests at heart, and their form when giving you compensation,  they will not give you the compensation you deserve. For this reason, before you agree to a settlement with an insurance company, you must always speak with a car accident solicitor.   Your car accident solicitor will analyse the extent of your car damages, medical expenses, and any losses incurred due to an accident before allowing you to agree to a settlement. Therefore they will ensure you get the compensation you deserve and like when negotiating with the insurance company alone.

  • You incur serious and permanent injuries

Accidents are usually fatal and could lead to serious or permanent injuries such as spinal cord injuries or broken bones. In such a situation, you need a car accident solicitor to prove that you have suffered from a serious or permanent injury due to the accident. If you are seriously injured or get permanent injuries, you will spend so much on your medical bills, and you may not get to work and earn a living. In such a situation, your car accident lawyer will ensure you get compensated as you deserve while focusing on getting well.

Attwood Marshall has car accident solicitors in Brisbane. Do not hesitate to hire one from their firm when appropriate. You can trust them to help make decisions regarding how to handle your case. This way, you will be sure that all the matters at hand will be dealt with as you focus on your recovery.

When Is The Right Time For One To Consider Mobile Phone Repairs In Melbourne?

Most people think that mobile phones lasts forever but the truth is that like almost everything else, they do not last forever. At one point in time, you will need to replace your mobile phone or even repair it to ensure that you enhance its functionality. However, you will have to know when you need to repair your mobile phone and when you are really required to buy a new one.  This article will help you know the crucial signs that tell you that you need to consider mobile phone repairs in Melbourne.

Signs Your Phone Needs Mobile Phone Repairs

The screen keeps on flickering

There are several reasons that can make the phone begin to flicker. Some of these reasons include software bugs, low battery and multiple background apps running. Fortunately, these problems can be fixed by making the right modifications. For instance, if there are several apps running in the background, you can clear the running apps or charge your phone if the battery is dying.

Unfortunately, if the flickering is frequent and some dots or horizontal lines accompany the flickering, it means that your phone has a serious problem that needs to be fixed. Therefore you should take your phone for mobile phone repair services.

The screen has cracks

Another reason that your phone needs mobile phone repair services in Melbourne is if the screen is already cracked. Apart from the cracks making you phone unattractive, the cracks can cause several serious problems to your phone especially because it allows dust and water to penetrate through the cracks.  Therefore, when you realise that your phone screen is already cracked, you should make sure that you get a professional to offer you the repair services that you need.

Your phone keeps on shutting down

If case there is no justifiable reason why your phone keeps on shutting down, it means that you need some phone repair services.  In most cases,  mobile phones like other mobile devices usually shut down constantly due to defective batteries or there is a malware infection.  For this reason when you realise that your phone is constantly shutting down without any reason, you should take the phone to a professional for check up on the repairs required.

Applications keep on crashing

When phone applications keep on crashing every now and then, it may be because the phone’s logic board has some damages or has parts that require replacements.  Therefore, when you notice that your applications keep on crashing, you should not ignore this issue since it’s a sign that you need to take your phone for mobile phone repairs.

The phone is always too hot

Using phones in areas that are too hot can be dangerous since it can cause your

phone  to overheat which could lead to serious or permanent  damages  to internal c phone components.  When your phone keeps on getting hot every time, it is prone to getting such problems. This is why you should ensure that your phone gets repaired immediately to prevent the phone from getting permanent damages.

Now that you know when you should reap your phone, you should always avoid ignoring any of the signs.  Repairing your mobile phone in time prevents your phone  from getting damages and reduces the risks for permanent damages. This way you do not need to replace your phone which can be very expensive. Another important thing you should know is that any repairs you need in Melbourne should always be done by professionals. It is best to choose PTC Melbourne phone repairs.

How can search engine optimization help your business

Business owners want to make sure that they are able to expand to the target audience in order to earn more revenue. However all this can be achieved with the help of search engine optimization. The following are some of the benefits of SEO for businesses.

Search engine optimization can increase the credibility of your business

A website which ranks in the top view searches is considered to be high quality and trustworthy which in turn helps improve the credibility of the business. The content on the website should be high quality and contain the right kind of keywords to help improve the ranking of the website. SEO specialist makes sure that the use the right kind of keywords to allow the target audience to find about your product or service.

SEO is affordable

One of the biggest advantages of search engine optimization is that it is affordable. It is not costly like other marketing strategies and can also be used 24/7 in order to promote the content on your website. Just make sure that you hire the right SEO company to manage your business so that you can rest assure that your website comes up in the top ranking.

SEO gives your competitive edge over your competition

Since your competitors would be investing in advertising strategies its important that you consider this as well. Usually investing in SEO can help you outrank your competition and make sure that you have a majority of the market share. The sites which rank on the first page of the search engines get more than 90% of the traffic.

It can help improve your reach

SEO by NZSEO along with the right marketing campaigns can allows you to find a larger target audience. It can help your website attract potential clients no matter what stage of the buying funnel they are in with the right kind of keywords you are able to attract prospective clients who may do business with you eventually. The key is to find the right set of keywords and then make sure that the backlinks and all information is used to create a strong marketing strategy.

Local search engine optimization

It is common for people to carry out local searches for example they may be looking for plumbing services near them and 80% of the local searches lead to conversions. The right local SEO strategies can help attract potential customers who are often ready to pay for services of products. Your search engine optimization analyst will create a Google business account and collect reviews from previous clients. They would make sure that the listings are accurate and ensure good readable content which would we able to answer the common questions and give solutions.

The key to great SEO is to ensure the website is user friendly. The website should have high quality and useful content plus the site should be faster and more responsive. Having the right kind of strategy in hands can improve your credibility and can ensure better navigation thus increasing your chances to rank in the top search pages.

Reasons why you should hire reputable family lawyers

When you have any issues to deal with family law, you have to ensure that the most reputable family lawyers have handled your case.  It may be hard for you to identify reputable lawyers, but you have to ensure that you get them since you deserve them. You have to make sure that you take your time and look for the most reputable family lawyers so that you can get all the help that you deserve.

Most people think that hiring the most reputable lawyers will be more expensive, and therefore, they will never do it. However, you may never realize the benefits of hiring the family lawyers even if you have to pay so much money. In case you need family lawyers, ensure that you have the most reputable ones since you can benefit in several ways. The following are some of the benefits of hiring the most reputable family lawyers in your area.

They offer legal support

One of the reasons you need family lawyers is to get the legal support you need to handle your cases.  However, the kind of legal support you get from the experienced and reputable family lawyers is quite different from what you get from the new lawyers in the field.  This is because the level of experience that the reputable lawyers have is very different from the ones that are new in the field.  Therefore, the legal support you get from reputable family lawyers will help you get through your case.

They offer emotional support

When you are undergoing certain family issues like divorce, you will have very hard times. At times it becomes very hard for you to bear with these issues. This can make you have trauma and even depression, especially if you do not have someone who can help you during that time.  Therefore, you will need someone who can offer you emotional support so that you can be able to deal with such issues. With emotional support, it becomes easier for you to handle yourself as well as your emotions during the divorce process.

They offer the necessary support when it calls for

Most of the cases always have a great impact on the lives of the spouses. They will undergo emotional and psychological trauma to some extent since family matters can be very daunting to them. However, when they need any kind of support, they can get it from the family lawyers. You have to ensure that you have reputable family lawyers so that you can get all the support you need when it is necessary. Another advantage of having reputable family lawyers is that you get the support in the time since they never delay to help you.

They have fair judgment of all family matters

Handling any cases dealing with family law is not an easy task for any family lawyer.  At times, some of the family lawyers will be mixed in the middle of the process, and hence they may leave out the necessary details that could help you win the case. Therefore, you will need lawyers who will have fair judgment in all the family issues that you are going through. For this to happen, you will require the most reputable family lawyers to be around you at this time.

It is important that you know how you will benefit from the reputable family lawyers instead of bothering yourself so much on the charges they will charge you. This is because you want someone who can handle your case with professionalism despite all the challenges they encounter.

Visit stonegroup.com.au/family-lawyers-brisbane for more information.

Tips for running the most successful law firms on the Gold Coast

Are you one of the best lawyers on the Gold Coast and you want to run the most successful law firms in town? This could be very easy for you when you have the tips to use, but in case you don’t have them, things can be very harsh for you.

Most lawyers start law firms on the Gold Coast, hoping that one day they will have the best law firms, but they end up having so many challenges on their way. Some of them end up failing if they are not run properly. Therefore, in case you want to start your law firms, you have to ensure that you have the following tips in your mind.

Ensure that your mind about your clients

The most successful law firms ensure that the priority is given to their clients at all times.  This is because they are the employers without the clients, the law firm can be closed, and therefore your employer is always significant to you. In case you want to have the most successful law firms, ensure that you prioritise your clients since they are your employers. So many people have prioritised the money they earn, but in the long run, they have failed.  Always ensure that you meet the expectations that all your clients have for you at all times. If you do so, you will be in a position to run a very successful law firm.

Prioritising your clients also means that you should never fail to update them on their cases. When you learn something new, ensure that you update them. Also, ensure that you do not delay your clients when they need anything from you. When you do this, your clients will be very content and happy with you. This, in return, will help you become successful in running the law firms.

Make your law firms different

There are so many law firms in the Gold Coast that offer their legal help to their clients.  You have to ensure that you are different from all these law firms that are in this place so that you can be successful. One of the things that can help you become very different from the other law firms is offering quality services and prioritising your clients. You should also set goals and objectives that your leading law firm on Gold Coast will be aiming at when they have clients. This will help you work hard to help all your clients.

Work with the best team

When you have some law firms to run, you have to ensure that you have the best team with you. The best team consists of people who are well trained and experienced in the field of law. In case you have different areas that you are specialising in, you have to ensure that you get the right lawyers who practice the different types of law that you have decided to have in your law firms. With the right team, your clients will run to trust you at all the time.

Make use of the latest technology in the firm

Using the latest technologies helps in ensuring that you are updated as the lawyers. Therefore, you can do all the research that you require for the cases you are prepared to defend in the court of law.  This makes your work efficiently, and therefore your firm will succeed.

Things to keep in mind when hiring tax agents in Hervey Bay

If you are looking for tax agents in Hervey Bay you need to be well prepared. You have got to thoroughly research the tax agent because they would be handling critical and crucial information about you. This is why you should be wary of who you should hire to help you with the tax audit.

The following are some of the tips which would help you find the right tax agent in Hervey Bay:

  • Get as many referrals as you can. Be sure to ask around the relatives, friends, neighbors or co-workers who you think you can trust in the community for referrals. Referrals are one of the easiest ways of finding tax agents in Hervey Bay.
  • Don’t forget to verify their credentials. There are many certified professional accountants who specialize in taxes but not all of them are tax agents. There are certain state licensing rules which include several examinations and experience requirements which distinguish a tax agent from any other accountant.
  • Be on the lookout for consumer complaints. If there are any complaints which have been filed against the tax agent have they been able to resolve it successfully? Have they got any lawsuits filed against them. These are just one or two questions which you need to ask to make sure that you are hiring the right person for the job.
  • Make sure that you interview all potential candidates. When you have the reference do follow on those and get the information about each tax agent. When you meet them ask them about their area of expertise. The number of years they have been in business and whether they would be able to give time to your tax requirements.
  • Get to know how they would bill you. Initially not all of them would be able to tell you about the cost which it would take to prepare the tax returns but they definitely can show you the basics fee structure. Whether it is an hourly or a flat rate you would be given an estimate based on there assessment of your issues.
  • Get to know whether the tax agent would be the one preparing no returns or would they be acquiring the help of others to prepare it. If they have a team who works under them would they be able to review it and sign it for you. Whether they outsource their work or they only let the internal staff handle all matters?
  • Do not forget to ask them for information about the whole security process. Do they take special measures for protecting their clients personal and financial information? How many people would have access to information whether the data would be encrypted and how they would protect the data against any security breaches.
  • Last but not the least do confirm whether they have an IRS PTIN. All tax agents require the above-mentioned which they have to include along with their signature when they are filing the returns of their clients. This number is renewed every year.

Keeping these things in mind would help you find the right accounting services and tax agent in Hervey Bay.

Qualities to look for when you are hiring an SEO agency in Brisbane

Today billions of companies have been started, and this has made online business to be very competitive.  To ensure that your company survives the stiff competition, you have to ensure that you have an SEO agency so that you can have as many customers as possible visiting your website.  A good SEO agency can help you thrive in the market, even with the stiff competition that you will be facing.  However, if you want to take your company to the next level, you should be very keen when hiring your SEO agency. It would be best if you looked for qualities in your SEO agency so that you can hire them.  The following are some of the essential qualities that your SEO agency should have.


For you to be among the top companies in the digital space, the level of experience of the SEO agency that you hire is very important. You have to ensure that you are hiring the SEO agency who has been in the fields for some time rather than those who are fresh in offering the SEO services that you need.   If you want to have excellent results, then you must ensure that you hire the SEO agency that is experienced.

Good reputation

When hiring an SEO agency, it is always essential to ensure that you listen to what other people say about the SEO agency that you will be hiring. The current customers and previous ones will tell you about the reputation of the SEO agency that you are about to hire. They have had experiences with this SEO agency, and hence they know them better. Never underestimate what they will tell you. As a company that wants to grow, you have to ensure that you go for the SEO agency with a good reputation.  By doing this, you will have the chance to get the SEO services that you need, and you will achieve your goals and objectives.


Are you hiring an SEO agency that wants to help your company grow, or is the agency there to get paid and leave later? This is one of the questions you need to ask yourself before hiring an SEO agency in Brisbane. For this reason, you have to check whether the SEO agency that you want to hire is committed to ensuring that you get the results you need or not. It is always best when you work with the SEO agency committed to offering you better services so that you can achieve all your goals in the company.


Whenever your company requires some SEO service, you should have an agency to offer them. Most of the people have hired SEO agencies in the past, but most SEO agencies were not there to help them when they needed them. You have to ensure that you get the SEO agency that will be flexible at all times. They must understand your company’s needs and the SEO strategies that you use so that when you need to change your SEO strategies, they can be there to do it.

When most people are looking for  SEO agencies, most of them look for the level of experience, location of the agency, certification, and whether they are licensed or not.  These are some of the qualities that Brisbane’s leading SEO agency will have. Hence, you have to look for more qualities so that you can have an easier time selecting the best SEO agency for your company.

Useful Tips For Self-Employed Accountants

If you want to become a self-employed accountant you have to consider a few things that will help you establish a professional prestige. Self-employment is beneficial in several ways as it gives one a lot of exposure, personal autonomy, professional freedom and many more but with these perks, there are few risks too which should be dealt with carefully. This article is designed to give you a few tips to become a successful self-employed business accountant adelaide.


The initial and utmost important step is to get certified by taking the CPA exam. CPA will help you in gaining knowledge about accounting and it will help you get expertise in bookkeeping, tax accounting, and financial auditing. Moreover, this license increases the credibility of your business and portrays a very serious image for your clients. CPA is eligible to represent you before the IRS in an audit but if you’re not a CPA then you will only be able to represent your clients in a very limited manner.

Establish Professional Contacts

Self-employed accountants do not work in firms so they need to find other ways to develop professional links. Professional gatherings could be a way to gain contacts as they offer opportunities to meet different individuals and keep you updated with all the news of the industry. There are many conferences designed for self-employed businessmen and CPAs. Moreover, there is an online conference QuickBooks Connect that provides a lot of help in gaining experience in this field.

Online Profile

Online profiles on different social media platforms increase your public relations and help in the positive image building of your business. You can use your profile to attract new clients in different ways. Furthermore, it can be through directly reaching people through messages via Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter or through updating your profile with your work portfolio.

Record Cash Income and Expenses

A self-employed accountant usually does not have the back of the records on bank statements so it is very easy to lose track of the expenditure and cash income. Make sure that all the records of the cash payments received or sent must be recorded in an accounts book or spreadsheet and the invoice of the cash should also be kept in record.

Organize Your Receipts

You must keep copies of your receipts in an organized way. You can scan the copies of your receipts and organize them month-wise, or you can staple small receipts with an A4 size paper and keep them in a file. And if you have trouble remembering the purpose of the receipts, you can simply write a note on the backside of the receipt.
Hence, mentioned above are a few useful tips for self-employed accountants. Going into business and becoming a self-employed accountant is a very challenging task with many risks and perks. By reading this article you surely will learn a lot and will help you in becoming a good accountant in a short period.

The OIAD statement: “Ankara free 23 arrested lawyers”

Thus began the official statement that the organization founded by the Italian CNF together with the forensic councils of France and Spain decided to spread after the last repressive action of the Ankara government. “The information available to the OIAD,” the statement reads, “makes it clear that the arrests would be based on suspicions of links between these lawyers and the Fethullah Gulen movement, which the government considers responsible for the coup attempt of the July 2016 ».

But in this regard the OIAD expresses “strong concern” since “after the attempted coup the vast majority of arrests by the Turkish government were arbitrary, in a repressive context conducted against all free and independent voices in the country. Within a few months, “recalls the International Observatory of Attorneys in Danger, “More than 50 thousand people, including numerous magistrates, lawyers, journalists and academics, have been victims of measures of repression”. And, it is also recalled, “the use of torture during detention has been put in place on several occasions”.

“Among the 23 lawyers arrested on June 6,” reads the statement, “there is Taner Kilic, president of the Turkish section of Amnesty international, a figure noted for his work in defense of human rights in the Turkish and international sphere ».

The OIAD therefore expresses “its solidarity with the Turkish lawyers who are victims of repression, and calls on the Turkish authorities to respect the basic principles relating to the role of the legal profession, adopted by the UN in Havana in 1990, and specifically the article 16 which states that “public authorities shall ensure that lawyers: a) can perform all their professional duties without hindrance, intimidation, harassment or undue interference; b) can travel and consult their customers freely in their own country or abroad; c) are not the object, or are threatened or subjected to economic sanctions or other for each action carried out in accordance with their obligations and recognized professional standards and their ethics “. In the absence of evidence of their involvement in the hypothesis of crime “, is the conclusion,

Intercepted lawyers, Mascherin received at the Quirinale

Immediately after the publication of news on a telephone call between Tiziano Renzi and his lawyer, the president of the National Forensic Council Andrea Mascherin had asked to be able to represent the seriousness of the episode at the Presidency of the Republic. Last Wednesday there was the meeting requested by the top of the institutional bar: Mascherin was received at the Quirinale by the advisor to President Mattarella for Justice Administration Affairs, Stefano Erbani .

The president of the CNF recalled “the absolute and unprecedented gravity of what happened with the publication of the interception of an interview between a defendant and his lawyer”. The story “arouses the concern of the entire Italian legal profession, not only of the criminal lawyer”, said Mascherin to the director Erbani, “but it is much more worrying that, due to the seriousness of the event, there was no complaint from the organs press, with the sole exception of the doubt . Yet these are violations that put a strain on the constitution ».

The president of the CNF therefore explicitly asked for an “interest of the Head of State” in a “circumstance that is certainly indicative of a cultural crisis in our country. The recorded silence, with very few exceptions, also on the part of the politics shows that we are not able to grasp, in such episodes, phenomena of absolute criticality for the maintenance of our fundamental Charter, which identifies in the right to defense one of the cornerstones of the democratic system “. With Councilor Erbani, who listened carefully to the reasons given, Mascherin observed that “the right to defense also constitutes a form of balance between the different powers of the State, an inalienable protection, for the citizen, with respect to all the different possible powers. “Sergio Mattarella “aimed at raising awareness of all the forces that bear a social responsibility”.

At the end of the meeting at the Quirinale, the summit of the institutional representation of the legal profession declared: “The freedom of the press and information remains sacred and inviolable, but this freedom cannot entail the license to violate equally sacred and inviolable principles as the rights of defense, essential for a fair trial, and respect for the Constitution. I hope, “he added,” that everyone, both the world of information and that of the politics involved in the reform of the criminal trial, realize that, if justice is subordinated to market interests, we are all defeated and pay the price will in the long run be all the freedoms enshrined in the Constitution »

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